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End to End Recruitment process-Continued...

F. Interview Scheduling/Follow up with consultants and vendors:

  • Forward resumes and details to their own technical panel. Coordinates back and forth between the technical panel and candidate for scheduling interview and shares the details in that tracker to the recruitment team.
  • If the candidate is selected by the technical panel, informs to Accounts Manager. Accounts Manager submits resume to clients.
    • Note: Only for few requirements, technical panel interviews the candidate and resume is submitted to client. Most of the staffing agencies don't have technical panel. For most of the requirements, only recruitment manager/recruiter screens the candidate and resume with details is submitted to the client through accounts manager
  • For client interviews, coordinates between account manager, candidate, and/or with candidate's employer.
    • On some situations, candidates will be writing the ONLINE TEST and after that takes telephonic interview.
    • At times Client sends questions and candidates prepares/submits answer to them.
  • Talks to the candidate/candidate's employer on a daily basis and updates the information to Accounts Manager and Recruitment Team and same is updated in tracker and shared. The reason to follow up with candidate is because candidate will also be searching for a job aggressively on his own. If candidate gets a job with some other client, then recruitment manager will not be able to schedule interviews with technical panel/client. If candidate backs out before/after the interview is scheduled with the client, then it will be an embarrassing situation for that staffing company.

G. Selection by client:

  • If the client likes the candidates, then they communicate to accounts manager that candidate is selected. Start Date (Date on which candidate starts working with the client) of the candidate will be immediately confirmed or after the back ground check process is over. (This is a process to evaluate the work history/ethics of the candidate). Candidates go to lab and undergo DRUG test also if client insists.
  • Accounts Manager informs the recruitment manager that the candidate has been confirmed and selected by the client. Same is communicated to recruitment team, HR team and contracts team.

Documentation/Follow Up by Recruitment Team/Contracts Team/HR Team:

  • Recruitment Manager sends appropriate documents to candidate/candidate's employer based on mode of hiring (corp to corp, w2 hourly, w2 percentage).
    • Note: Usually clients send MSA and SOW to vendors. For example, MSA (Master Service Agreement) and SOW (Statement of Work) is sent to candidate's employer. They sign it and send it to Accounts manager. If there are any changes requested by candidate's employer, contracts team involves and resolves it. With some companies, HR team or Contracts Team sends MSA and SOW.
  • If the candidate is hired on full time/permanent, HR team sends offer letter, hand book, w-4, I-9, Insurance enrollment form, benefit summary, Payroll guidelines, Insurance guidelines etc.
  • If the candidate will work as a contractor with client, HR team sends client related documents like BGC, Drug Test, contract work rules etc.
  • Accounts Manager informs to HR team, Finance Team about the status of the candidate.

ON Joining Date:

  • After all formalities are completed, candidate joins with the client.
  • On the start date, recruitment manager talks with the candidate and informs to the recruitment team that candidate is all set with the client.

Other Information:

  • Recruitment Manager talks to candidate on weekly or monthly basis to develop relationship.
  • Candidate sends timesheets, approved by the client to Finance Team.
  • Based on the mode of hiring
    • Full Time on w2 salary basis with Client: Client pays salary to the candidate.
    • Full Time on w2 salary basis with Staffing Company: Staffing company pays salary to the candidate.
    • Full Time on w2 percentage basis with Staffing Company: Staffing company pays salary on percentage basis as per agreed terms.
    • Full Time on w2 hourly basis with Staffing Company: Staffing company pays billing rate per hour as per agreed terms.
    • Corp to Corp: Staffing Company Pays "billing rate per hour" to candidate's employer as accepted earlier. Candidates will get salary from his employer. Here candidate's employer will be sending invoice also along with timesheet to the staffing company.
  • Until the candidate works with the client same salary process will be repeated.
  • Before the contract ends with the client, staffing companies search for jobs for their candidates and again the same process will be repeated.

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